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TJDDN is a native of Philadelphia, PA, US.


A science kid at heart, it was the art of experimentation that first earned their fascination. TJ's creative spirit was sparked by the notion that they could transform reality, bound only by the parameters of physical law.

TJ's earliest forays into the arts consisted of poetry, photography, and web design. As a form of self expression, the self-taught illustrator + graphic designer began to create surreal collages in grade school.

True to their roots, it was the sciences of language, light, and code that drew TJ to these early mediums. Or rather, intrigue by the abstract parts that enabled use of these sciences to communicate identity and emotion.

Today, TJDDN continues to explore personal and collective identity as abstractions of scientific concepts. Often framing their projects with a simple question, TJ aims to introduce subjectivity—along with empathy—to popular notions of "reality."


Influenced by global literature, quantum physics, and their own hypersensitivity, TJ tends to isolate their subjects within projections of physical or metaphysical experiences.


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