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Saying Goodbye To 2023

For all its madness, 2023 has delivered on some truly beautiful experiences. As we close this chapter, I need to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and contributions to those experiences. Whether you've engaged on social media, shot with me, bought a print, subscribed to the Patron Portal or chatted with me at a show... it's meant more than I can adequately express.

2023 was the year that brought me back into the practice of in-person showcasing and vending. Until this year, I hadn't done any public showings since before the pandemic! I forgot how good it feels to curate a display and then see people's faces as their eyes land on my work. To stand beside art that I created and field questions, receive feedback and exchange energy with you all in real-time.

This year was more than I could have asked for. I turned 30, made friends, lost friends, expanded my art, and cultivated a flourishing Discord community. I moved three times, was hit by two SUVs and worked on a music video set. I attended wacky shows and... interesting classes, got poison ivy rash and did the naked bike ride! Needless to say, this year was full of surprises. Let's have a look back at some of these memories<33

Maybe don't swipe through these at work, though, okay?

I wonder what new experiences we'll create together in 2024!

In the meantime, I still have two more portrait sessions to shoot before the ball drops. They're both shaping up to be a lot of fun, so keep an eye out and email notifications turned on! You won't want to miss what's coming next.

I cannot stress enough how much the monthly support from Patron Portal subscribers has helped me this year. As an independent creator, I count on the support of people touched by my work to cover ongoing costs. The monthly funding support from patrons has gone toward things like:

  • producing shoots

  • maintaining this site

  • software subscriptions

  • showcase/vending expenses

  • equipment upgrades

As more of you continue to join, I'm able to bring bigger ideas to life more often! If you haven'tyet, please consider becoming a patron as we head into the new year. Members enjoy access to my entire catalogue containing thousands of images, videos and blog posts along with special discounts and other fun perks(:

If you can't join, that's okay! My newsletter is completely free and will keep you informed as free releases are added to the site. Your energy is always appreciated on social media and at shows, too!

That's all from me for now. Enjoy your holidays and I'll see you next year!


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