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IM JUST in time for 🌈 Pride

As a trans-identifying artist, I am always so grateful for the support of my fellow queers 💖 You constantly see me and get it when no one else does.

Queerness has always influenced my lived experience and, in turn, the way that I create. And as I find myself more entrenched in queer community than ever, I wanted to create something wearable, shareable and explicitly PRIDEful!

This brings us to my newest sticker design titled IM JUST!

This design isn't for everyone. This one is for the genderqueer. For people whose mere existence confuses the masses. Whose mere existence is political. A passive act of defiance.

For those who don't know:

My gender identity is nonbinary which falls under the Trans Umbrella™ and signifies that I experience myself as neither a man nor a woman. The appropriate pronouns to use in place of my name are they and them. Some of you may be confused about this, but don't worry. It'll make sense if you let it.

Stay tuned for an explainer on The Gender Binary™ in my next post!

Orders of the IM JUST sticker just went live in my shop, so you can claim yours right now!

Celebrate Pride and get one free with the purchase of any print now through 6/30 ✨


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