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Pancakes and Booze

This past Saturday I took part in my first Pancakes & Booze art exhibit!

From selecting pieces to designing title cards, I spent weeks excitedly curating my display. I hadn't done an in-person showcase since the before times (pre-covid), so I really wanted to get this one right!

For most people, it would be their first time seeing my work. I needed to not only make a strong impression, but to do it among dozens of other talented artists.

Eventually, I settled on hanging framed prints of four works: (in order) LIMINALITY ft Nox Falls, DEFLOWERED ft Arazel, HIGH INTAKE ft Kiana Yubitani and MORPHIA ft Gramgandhi

I also shared a set of mini prints that fit the vibe and dozens of polaroids taken on the sets of various projects. A few people even got to take some of these one-of-one babies home with them 💗

The way my attention span is set up (it's not set up, it's still in the box 😔) there was no way I was going to stand next to my work all night. I needed to move around and see who and what else was there!

Navigating this crowded space provided a golden opportunity to test out the new filming equipment I purchased a few days earlier 🎬

Your patron support helped me to invest in a much needed stabilizing rig for video! After months of window shopping, I decided on the Hohem iSteady M6 gimbal kit. In addition to the gimbal itself, the kit also includes a mounted AI tracking sensor and fill light.

Until now, I've been placing my cameras on tripods or shooting freehand. Paired with my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, this stabilizer will help me capture much more cinematic footage going forward. Look at how smoothly the camera glides through space 🤌🏾 I pride myself on having steady hands 🤳🏽 but you simply can't achieve this without a stabilizer.

Of course, gear alone won't make my art better. As you can see from the blunders in these recap clips, I still have to learn how to use it 😅 I'm just so excited and grateful to finally have one to learn with!

Thanks again to every member of my patron community for helping me make this investment 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I still need a gimbal for my Canon DSLR, but this one for my phone is going to help a ton!


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