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I Can't Believe It's Over

It's really over, y'all. Summer 2023 is truly cooked.

How was this summer for you? It's been a ride on this side. I meant to write to you more, but my schedule has been loaded and time has slipped by me quicker than expected. So what's kept me so busy?

As you know, I had the honor and pleasure of showcasing my work at July's Pancakes and Booze Art Show. The following month, I was welcomed to host a vending table at EXHALE II a QTPOC*-centered, cannabis-themed outdoor day party. Not only did I have a great time and meet a ton of cool people, but I got to see several of my art pieces find new homes, too! Can you tell how excited I was?

TJ standing at their merch table wearing unreleased TJDDN t-shirt

As a treat, I also unveiled my first pair of TJDDN tees! There's the one I'm wearing in the photo above (not yet available for purchase) and the OE Silhouette Tee pictured below on my buddy Poison Peach 🍑 You may recognize Peach as the badddd bunny in my series titled Down The Rabbit Hole. Big thanks to her for modeling my gear and helping me sell art on such a HOT day!

This tee was added to my shop just in time for Spooky Season 👻

Poison Peach wearing OE Silhouette Tee 001 while standing at TJ's merch table

If we met at either of these events, I want to hear from you! Please say hi in the comments or message me directly! And for those of you who took my art home, I would love to see photos of your displays ❤️‍🔥

These experiences really got me wanting to share my art in person more! Expect announcements in the near future as I'm planning to come outside at least one more time this year ☺️

*QTPOC = Queer/Trans People of Color


Later in August, I finally got to do something I've been dying to do for years participate in the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride! There's something so freeing about feeling the sun and breeze kiss me everywhere. After going all summer without so much as a beach trip, I was determined to do this year's ride.

My nerves were jumping as I ascended the hill to the group's meeting point. It was a relief to reach the top and see dozens of people already undressed and socializing. Some were painting each other's bodies, some bathing in glitter and others picnicking with friends.

Lots of people were fully clothed and had clearly just come to watch and film us. That part was mildly unsettling, tbh. I also felt awkward about coming alone at first, but other riders were quick to help orient me and make sure I was comfortable!

While in line for glitter-bombing, I found myself chatting with a pair who had both done the ride before. As the first of them began their glitter bath, my conversation with the other (named Madi) continued.

A photographer (The Purity Pixel) came along and asked to snap a photo of Madi who was freshly painted green. Madi agreed and started to pose, but paused and asked "Hey TJ, wanna get in this?" And so we

TJ and Madi pose for a portrait in the park

After Madi, I was up next for a glitter shower. Naturally, I went with blue on one side and pink on the other. And not long after that, it was time to get to the starting line! We rode for 13 miles through downtown as well as several other neighborhoods.

Along our route, people stood by and watched our group pass. A few jeered at us while many more cheered us on, high-fived and joined in on chants like "LESS GAS, MORE ASS!!"

This was such a fun experience that I hope to do again next year! Would you ever participate in an event like this? Let me know in the comments!


With summer over, where does that leave us? Spooky Season, of course 👻🎃

Despite Halloween being my favorite holiday, I have always been so bad at planning for it. I spend all year creating spooky art and then never have a costume ready come October. If I wear my spooky art on a t-shirt, that counts as a costume... right 😰

Can't wait to see the looks you all bring out this month! Are you planning to dress up this year? What costume are you going with?

While I may not have a costume, what I do have is a haunting new portrait set to share... as a treat. Someone was feeling a little stabby 🔪 In, like, a fun way.

Keep your eyes on the Patron Portal to be the first to see it! Head there now and you might even find a recent release that you've missed.


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