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Through the years, art has connected me with incredible people and afforded me the experiences of a lifetime. Most importantly, art has been a bridge for experiencing people themselves and doing so in really interesting, intimate ways. Knowing what art has done for me, I am constantly inspired to be that kind of bridge for others. Hence, community is kinda my whole thing.


I've made a habit of using art to bring people together. At times, that has meant inviting friends, new and old, to sit and draw or take photos together. At other times, it's meant hosting events and coordinating workshops with my nonprofit, Art(is) For Kids.

For me, art is all about the experience. As an artist, I constantly seek to create engaging experiences for you, my audience. This website will continue to grow as new ideas come to mind and new resources come to hand.

If you value my work and want to support my growth, consider joining my patron community. Patrons pledge a small amount monthly to contribute to my art-related expenses. As a patron, you will experience my art in a more intimate way, inclusive of bonus content, physical art gifts, and invitations to local hangouts.

Here's a taste of the content and rewards my patrons enjoy:

As my patron community grows, my resources expand, allowing me to not only do more creatively, but do more with you. Commissions are fun, but I think art is more fun when we do it together. With your support along the way, artists like me can center community more than we do commerce.

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